The main part of morphtronics is thier battle positions. They get thier effect based on whether they are in defense or attack. Also the strongest one Morphtronic Boomboxen with a mere 1200 atk! So you will need to use cards to help keep them on the field and power them up some of which are the morphtronics. Like Morphtronic Magnen, this little guy while in defense mode makes your opponent have to attack him so your other monsters are safe, or Morphtronic Boarden which will keep your Morphtronics from being destroyed by battle. There are many Morphtronic monsters, spells, and traps.
Some of the essentials in a morphtronic deck are of course morphtronic monsters themselves. There are many different effects that these little guys have. My favorites happen to be Celfon and Boarden. Morphtronic Celfon is exactly the card you need in a tight spot. While in attack mode: once per turn you can roll a die and based on the number rolled you can look at that many cards off the top of your deck and if theres a morphtronic monster you can special summon it! Morphtronic Boarden is good against those who like to stall and keep you from getting to thier lifepoints. While in attack mode morphtronic monsters you control can go for the win and attack thier lifepoints directly, and while in defence mode other morphtronics you control cannot be destroyed by battle and he has 1800 def so he'll be easy to kill but combined with magnen they are unstoppable! So as you can see they these two cards are needed in all morphtronic decks.
Here are the Morphtronic monsters and how to use them to your advantage:
Morphtronic Boarden
In attack mode yor morphtronic monsters you control can attack directly! so this guy is good for getting through walls for the win, or even getting through those pesky Earthbound Immortals. While in defence mode other morphtronics cant be destroyed by battle, he has 1800 def so he's ok. Combine him with a Magnen and you cant be touched. Due to morphtronic Boarden others cant be destroyed by battle, so if you combine that effect with magnens defense effect they have to attack Magnen, but, magnen cant be destroyed.
Morphtronic Celfon
In attack mode once per turn you can roll a die and based on the number you rolled you can look at that many cards from the top of your deck and if theres a morphtronic among those you can special summon it then put the others back and shuffle. This effect can come in handy if you need extra defence or more firepower. His defence mode is a bit less helpful. While in defence mode you can go through the same process but instead of special summoning; you put the cards back on the top of the deck in the same order. This is the weakest Morphtronic with a pitiful 100 atk and def.
Morphtronic Magnen
With Magnen in defence mode your opponent must attack him. So like i said combine with Boarden or even another Magnen and its the ultimate defence for your entire field. But in Attack mode Magnen can only attack your opponents highest atk monster. So he's pretty much only good in defense. And like all morphtronics he's low lvl and weak.
Morphtronic Boomboxen
Now on to a quick finish card! Boomboxen in attack mode it can attack twice in the same battle phase! and with 1200 atk directly thats 2400. Now combine him with Radion it will boost his atk to 2000 which can wipe out 4000 life points on a direct attack. Then give him a few equip cards and Boom a OTK! My fave combo with this guy is get him and radion on the field and give him United We Stand (My favorite card) with just having those to monsters that will give boomboxen 3600 attack twice and that leaves your opponent with 800 LP! While in Defense mode you can negate 1 attack against a face-up morphtronic monster.

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